World Food Programme wins Prestigious Nobel Peace Prize 2020

The prestigious Nobel peace prize was awarded to the World Food Programme on Friday. World Food Programme (WFP) has helped millions of people in developing countries, mainly Yemen and North Korea, in times of global lockdown caused by the Covid-19 virus.

Nobel Committee Chairwoman Beri Reiss-Andersen admired the effort of the WFP in dealing with hunger in war-stricken regions. She said: “its efforts to combat hunger, for its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas and for acting as a driving force in efforts to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict.”

With the aim to not let go of any single person bed with an empty stomach, the WFP is feeding millions of people across the globe. This organization has utilized relevant mediums to access and provide food to people who reside in remote areas. Whether it is a helicopter or carrying food on Camel’s back, the WFP has ensured to reach every corner of the world where hunger is dominant.

The WFP is a branch of the United Nations and is considered to be the world’s largest ‘Humanitarian Organization’ for its enormous effort to deal with hunger and food shortage around the world.

There were many frontrunners to claim this prestigious prize. Greta Thunberg, a teenage climate activist and RSF, a reporter group, was on the top list of Henrik Urdal, the director of the peace research institute of Oslo.

The WFP has announced the winner considering its humanitarian initiatives to effectively deal with extreme food shortage, hunger, and malnutrition caused due to internal conflict, and worldwide pandemic caused by the Covid-19 Virus. This organization has reduced the cases of starvation and, conclusively, death, and crisis. Furthermore, the WFP has neutralized the efforts to utilize hunger as a weapon during war and conflict.