5 Pro Tips to Make Your RC Car Faster

Having the same RC (remote control) car which seems like an ideal toy for you when you had your questionable skills polished being a shaky beginner may seem like an amateur model in comparison to the latest version you just saw online. If you really want to enhance your potential skills and try your hands on the new model, it means you are ready to upgrade your car racing toy.

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Whether you are planning to take part in a few races or simply wish to satisfy your adrenaline rush, that comes when you are driving your RC at high speeds, you can go for making additions in it. There is always room for adding a few things in your RC car that can give it some extra oomph you had been longing to get. To make the most of your RC car, making it faster will not only bring more fun but also improve the mechanics of your RC car. Doing so will not cost you a lot. Besides, if you are determined to give your RC car an extra boost, here are some tips to follow-

1) Upgrade the tires- There could be several possibilities for your car to slow down while you are piloting it. It could be the worn-out conditions of the tire, usage of wrong tires, internal, mechanical issues, or your RC car is old. However, using wrong tires on wrong surfaces can slow down the speed of your car. If you usually use roads or tarmac for driving, slick tires must be used. For slippery grass and muddy surfaces, go for incorporating full spikes for better grip. Make sure to use high-quality and durable tires to improve the traction.

2) Reduce weight- The extra or heavyweight parts on your RC car can contribute to the slow speed. The simplest way to make your RC car faster is to go, lightweight. Incorporate parts made up oflight carbon, graphite or aluminium. Another way to lighten up your vehicle is to either switch up the batteries or motor. You can buy spare parts of all sorts online from a certified company.

3) Change the motor- You might have never thought of changing motor ever since you bought your RC car. If you want to get higher speeds for your RC, it is better that you shift from brush motor to a brushless one since brush motors are for beginners and brushless motors can improve efficiency for skilled drivers.

4) Upgrade the batteries- Batteries play a significant role in enhancing the speed of your vehicle—Therefore, go for upgrading the batteries of your RC car from a Ni-Mh to a Li-Po pack. They are light as well as boost power.

5) Adjust the gear ratio- You can easily improve the speed of your car by adjusting the gear ratio. Gears are of two types-

  • Pinion Gear- Directly attached to the motor and made up of steel or aluminium. Higher the teeth count of this gear, better will be the speed.
  • Spur Gear- Larger plastic gear which improves the acceleration of RC car.