5 Reasons to Replace the Tiles in Your Home

You may have gone through your home renovations many a time but might have never considered your floors in the list. Whether it’s your bathroom floors, kitchen floors or any other floors, they need your attention too.

With the daily foot traffic and wear and tear, your tiled floors can deteriorate with time. The worn-out tiled floors not only appear shabby but also lower the value of your house. Imagine your guests visit your kitchen and the tiles in your kitchen appear dull and full of yellow stains. You might have neglected them, but your guests are quick to spot and embarrass you by passing nasty comments. No one wants that, right?

So, I am here to show you some warning signs to change the floor tiles. Have a look!

They appear dull- The tiles in your home appear dull only when they are too old or not maintained. Usually, the tiles with light texture get affected sooner. With time and exposure to physical factors, the color may fade away, leaving yellow or brown stains. Old times can become weak and may break if heavy pressure is applied. You may witness cracks appearing near the edges. If that is the case, go for installing ceramic or stone tiles that are durable.

They are damaged- Just like the old wooden floors get scratches, and carpets become worn out, tiles also get damaged with time. You may experience some of the tiles may lose its sealant and come out. If that is the case, you can find similar tiles to replace the broken ones, unlike the wooden floors that need complete replacement.

They are old fashioned- One of the main reasons to renew or install new tiles is to improve the aesthetics of your house. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, changing tiles can change the vibe of the place and give it a new dimensional touch. Sticking to the trendy designs, you can find something unique and something that amalgamates with your interiors too. 

Whether it’s the material, size or texture there are ample options to choose from-

  • Patterned tiles
  • Metallics
  • Mosaic
  • Fish Scales

They are offering zero insulation- Do you know that your floors contribute to keeping your house insulated too? If your utility bills are shooting up and there is absolutely no problem with your heating cooling appliances, windows and doors, your floors are to be blamed. They can lead to the absorption of cold and heat and even allow them to escape. Therefore, get your floors inspected and invest in new floors. Ceramic tiles are great energy saviours.

They are hard to maintain- Loose and damaged tiles are hard to maintain since the debris and dirt can accumulate between the connections. The waste becomes sticky that it becomes hard to scrape off using a mop or vacuum cleaner. Therefore, if you are facing the same issue with your tiled floors then replace them or use a sealant to fill the gaps.