6 Tips to Create a Greener Landscape Design

Going all green can create a soothing effect, especially when you come home tired after work. Besides, when you love the idea of creating something simple for your landscape design, going all green becomes the best choice. Choosing a monochromatic theme like the greens for your landscaping can save you from the extra expense and high maintenance.

You can design and experiment with your landscaping uniquely. What about adding seasonal flowers to the planters? Or creating a live wall with climbers? Well, there are myriad ways to decorate your landscape the way you want to. To explore more, down below are mentioned some of the tricks of designing your garden greener.

How to Bring in the Greens?

Choose your plants wisely.

Before you create your list of the plants, do some research about their requirements. Plants and flowers fit well in a climate that replicates their original environment or serves their needs. So, make sure the plants you choose for landscape design thrives well in the atmosphere provided by your region. Down below are mentioned some options for different temperatures.

Plants for Winters:

  • Catmint
  • Coral bells
  • Pansies
  • Blue spruce
  • Wintergreen boxwood

Plants for Summers:

  • Geranium
  • Vinca
  • Begonia
  • Lilies
  • Blanket flowers

Try to balance hardscaping with landscaping.

You must focus on balancing the green counterparts with the hardscaping for your landscape design. Introducing plants near the hardscaping elements can uplift their beauty. For instance, you can place plants on the walkways’ borders or put climbers on the pavilion to give a natural feel. Your landscape designer can help you with the design, blending the natural and artificial elements perfectly.

Introduce stylish plant holders. 

One way is to plant flowers, shrubs, and trees in the borders and beds of your garden. The other way is to spruce their look by planting them in bespoke planters near the deck. Go with stylish vases placed in your outdoor kitchen, or create a mini herb garden near the fountain or the fire pit.

It is better to repeat the same pattern since changing the layout at every step will make your place look chaotic. If you are willing to bring in the variation, make sure to add fences for creating zones.

Add Lighting near the plants.

If you are a night lover and love to host parties during dusk time, it is an opportunity to flaunt your beautiful green scenery by introducing ambient lighting. You can use designer lighting fixtures near the walkways and around the deck. Besides, you can light the trees with wired lights during any celebrations to illuminate the entire landscaping. 

How to Take Care of the Greens?

Look for their needs.

You may put the healthiest plant in your landscape design, and they may still die out after a while. Why did it happen? When you ignore their daily requirement, they may suffer from a lack of nutrients. Therefore, you must water them regularly, use fertile soil, and keep away the pests.

Maintain them- Plants can grow arbitrarily in any direction, ruining your layout. Moreover, they can shelter critters during winters, which can eat away your plants and flowers. Therefore, make sure to trim the branches of trees and prune the shrubs to keep your landscape clear.