7 Pro Tips for Throwing the First Wedding Anniversary Party

Don’t you remember how much fun you had on your wedding day in the presence of all your favourite people? Wouldn’t you like to do it again if you get another chance of recreating the moments with your beloved? Who would have thought a year passes by just in the blink of an eye and your passion for your beloved is just on the rise. In that case, celebrating your first wedding anniversary in the presence of your family and friends can be so overwhelming.

Your first wedding anniversary is exceedingly important for you and your partner, so don’t leave a chance to throw a party for the right people. All you need is a solid plan or maybe an event planner to help you.

Here are some pro tips to follow for throwing your first wedding anniversary party-

1) Decide the budget and a theme- It totally depends on you whether you want to celebrate luxuriously or throw a decent party for the closed ones. Whichever way you are planning, it is important to come up with a budget and the theme of your party beforehand. Once you finalize the budget, you can go on estimating the things that can be incorporated in the party. For instance, you can decide on the theme. Since it is your first wedding anniversary, plan on a romantic theme with your honeymoon pictures displayed creatively.

2) Choose the venue on the following date- You must book a venue beforehand since others can book it before you when the time is near. You may not want to lose your favourite venue. Besides, book a venue according to the strength of your guests. If you are throwing a party for near and dear ones and not just everyone in your circle, a moderate size venue would be appropriate and easy to decorate.

3) Go eco-friendly with the invitation cards- Why waste natural resources when you can invite your guests by sending them E-invitation cards. It will not only save money and resources, but it also is an excellent way of inviting guests. You can create a short video invitation or a creative picture including time, date and place.

4) Schedule entertainment- There must be a DJ or a music band, after all, it’s your first wedding anniversary. You can plan a couple dance for all the couples present at your party.

5) Don’t forget cake- Party will be incomplete without a cake cutting ceremony.Don’t forget to order a customized cake. You can either go the traditional way by ordering a two-tiered cake or experiment with some designs highlighting your love life.

6) Hire a personal photographer- Don’t you want to capture the precious moments from the celebrations of your first wedding anniversary? Hire a professional photographer to capture all the candid moments, shots and pictures.

7) Decide a menu- Party without food is incomplete. Therefore, decide a menu for your guests and keep in mind to add dishes for the ones who are fitness freaks, allergic or vegan.