A Guide On Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Kids.

Your child’s sleep pattern plays a deterministic role in his/her growth and development. Sleep can affect and regulate behaviour, mood, stress and coping mechanisms. While a lot of parents worry about the holistic growth of their kids and incorporate better nutritional habits, sleep is sometimes overlooked since it considered too natural anyway. If your child is not sleeping properly, this can tremendously affect his/her cognitive abilities. To ensure that you child gets a comfortable number of sleeping hours; you should first invest in a good quality mattress which suits your child’s needs. 

You may think that something as mundane as a mattress would not require a lot of oversight- however, for children, it is vital to get the right mattress, and the factors to be taken into consideration can be:

  1. The correct size. 

Your child will grow very quickly in a matter of months, and a mattress is not exactly cheap. When you buy a mattress, it is important to take into account your child’s growth spurt and make a decision, or you would be replacing mattresses every six months. if your child is still very young, you should stick to a crib mattress. In case your child is older than five, you should ideally opt for a twin-sized children’s mattress, since this can be used by your kid for a longer period. Twin XL mattresses should be your go-to in case your child is transitioning into adolescence. 

  • Firmness. 

This is an extremely important consideration, since the mattress should provide adequate support to the body of the child. Mattresses that offer spine alignment are extremely good for your child. It should be kept in mind that the mattress should not be too soft or two firm, but rather, a combination of both, which offers comfort as well as support. Memory foam mattresses offer excellent contouring and can be very plush and comfortable while giving enough support to the body. 

  • Durability. 

Your children will most definitely play around in their bed (especially if you tell them not to!), and therefore, you should always consider buying something that is durable. Your child’s mattress should be able to withstand heavy impact from probable jumping and playing. It should be easy to clean too, since children will almost invariably leave various kinds of stains and marks on it. It is a good idea to use a mattress protector in this case, since cleaning a mattress is not an easy job by any means. 

  • The material. 

Consider your child’s allergies before you make your pick about a mattress. Children may be allergic to synthetic materials and they can cause respiratory problems as well as other health issues. It is always a safer idea to choose mattresses made of natural and organic fibres, or whatever is recommended by the doctor (in case your child has allergies). These considerations will significantly help you in your search for the right mattress for your child