Alkaline Water- Importance And Benefits

Wateris the most important thing required for adequate functioning of our body and it has unlimited benefits. From every cell, tissue to each organ of our body demands water. But if you are someone who is more health conscious and want to ingest a more healthy form of water then alkaline water is more than beneficial for you.

Alkaline water is known to bring the acid levels of your body to neutral which otherwise normal water is not capable of. Basically alkaline water is that type of water which has its pH levels increased. The pH level of normal water is 7 whereas the pH level of alkaline water is 8 and because of its highly alkaline nature it efficiently manages the level of acid in our body, therefore it is said to be very beneficial for people who suffer excessive acidity. Certain ways are being followed to change the nature of the tap water and turn it into alkaline water.

Living in the era of unhealthy junk food and being confined to our beds whole day, well thanks to digital development, our immunity is decreasing day by day. Alkaline water is the most sorted way to keep a check on that and it equally helps to build a good immune system. Also, alkaline water contains increased amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium in it which is very important for our healthy bones. Above all of that, alkaline water has special ultra-hydrating properties in comparison to normal tap water. For those people who work out on a regular basis and require an additional amount of water, alkaline water is best for them. Since the water molecules present in the alkaline water are smaller in size and quickly absorbed by our cells, it allows our body to rehydrate speedily.

Below given are some benefits of alkaline water:

Maintains the pH balance in body:

  • The pH of alkaline water is 8 whereas the pH of normal tap water is 7 which is comparatively less than the alkaline water. Due to the presence of high pH levels in alkaline water it reduces the acid levels in your body.
  • Basically pH determines the levels of acid and it is measured from 0-14. The less the number would be the more acidic its nature would be and on the contrary the larger the number, less acidic its nature would be.
  •  Since the pH of alkaline water is 8 which is more than the regular tap water, it neutralizes the acid levels in your body.

Decreases the signs of aging:

  • Water is needed in our body to ensure healthy functioning of our body. And if the water content falls beyond the required level in any of your body parts such as skin or muscles then that specific organ will ultimately get affected.
  • Additionally, alkaline water contains such antioxidants which hydrate and filter the free radicals in your body thereby reducing the aging of cells and eventually keeping them healthy.