Animal Control: Damage Done By Squirrels.

Whereas rodents such as mice and rats and almost always met with a concerning eye, squirrels, who belong to the same family, are often not given a second thought because of their seemingly harmless and adorable nature. But do not fall for these tricks; squirrels can cause considerable damage to your property if they are allowed indefinite access to everything. Just like other forms of animal control, if you live in an area where squirrels abound, make sure they stay out in the parks where they look cute- because if the enter your homes you will be sorry for it. Not to mention, squirrels can be carriers of many dangerous illnesses and cause a general sense of bad hygiene.

Squirrels can be controlled by contacting profession animal control services. Read on to know more about how squirrels can damage your property.

  1. Squirrels can chew through the wiring and cause damage inside your house.

If you are repeatedly changing the wiring around your house because it gets damaged as a result of what looks like bite marks, then you have a squirrel problem. Squirrels chew on things to strengthen their teeth so that they can hunt and eat more efficiently. They can enter your house through small holes and easily reach the attic, where they can start chewing on your wiring systems.

Other than this, squirrels can also cause damage to your furniture and upholstery if they manage to get inside your house. They can chew on wood and fabric and causing small holes and tears. They can even try chewing through plastic and may suffocate and die in the process, in some corner of your home and make it an unbearably tedious task to find the corpses and throw them away.

  • Squirrels can damage your building.

Squirrels are extremely determined creatures (Ice Age got this fact correct to the T!), and once they decide to infiltrate your home, they will certainly find a way to do so. If they do not find a hole through which they can enter your house, they will start creating their own pathway. They will chew through construction material, roof shingles, plywood and other wooden structures and find one way or another to enter your home.

  • Squirrels can ruin your gardens.

If you have a habit of gardening and growing your own backyard vegetables, squirrels will try and most definitely try to steal from you. They are always looking around for food, and they can infiltrate pantries and storages, so obviously they can do much damage to open backyard gardens, especially those which have crops. If you notice half eaten fruits or vegetables or small dg-up holes in the ground, it means there are squirrels nearby who consider your backyard a source of unlimited food and can potentially built their nests near you as well.

While squirrels may not do as much damage as certain other rodents, they are definitely not all cute and cuddly and should be handled with caution. If you feel you may have a squirrel problem, please contact your nearest animal control centre.