Apps that pay you to play games and have fun

Has the current  COVID-19 pandemic taken your lifestyle to extreme monotonous levels you’ve never experienced before? Are you gazing towards your screen, pondering about some things you can do in this lockdown, and the “10 epic things to do in Quarantine” are either tedious or not meant for you? How about games and apps to have fun? Won’t it be great that you can earn some money “the easy way”? 

Well, be prepared to be awe-stricken with applications that pay you to play games and have fun. Yes, you read that right! With these lock-down conditions to prevail for an expectedly long time, it might be the only glimmer of hope and excitement that can turn your days productive and a lot more enjoyable. Regardless of the condition, we still have bills to pay and hence it can be a good source of income and enjoyment. 

By combining the sublime ability of anti-stressors of video games, Windstream Internet Service pocket-friendly internet plans, and the extrinsic motivation for money and rewards, you can use these applications to obliterate your boredom and make you more goal-driven, purposeful, productive and your pockets a bit heavier. By saving money earned through these applications, you can go to the concert you always wanted to go to or buy that designer bag you’ve always been dreaming about; it could be the best thing you could have invested your time in.

Buckle up and get ready to earn bucks in a realm that doesn’t involve running around for the completion of assignments or losing your nerves after a session with your mean boss. Still dubious about it? Let us tell about some brilliant applications that can help you out:

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an American loyalty program that allows you to earn through a plethora of ways that are both effortless and fun. Swagbucks is an application that you can install on your mobile phone and start using instantly after registering. You can earn rewards in either Swagbucks currency that is called “SB” or amazon gift cards and many other amazing gifts. 

All you have to do is use Swagbucks as your search engine instead of Google and Opera, and start making money. For every search you do on this search engine you will approximately 1 SB. This is something we already do and through a little change, you can turn your aimless searches throughout the day, rewarding. 

Some other ways include watching viral videos and advertisements where every watched video will pile up your Swagbucks currency. Completing daily goals for a day, and downloading recommended applications will also build up your wallet and not to mention the fun-packed games that will make you an addict and lock your eyes on the screen for hours. The best part of it is that your activity is fully appreciated and paid.

  • Lucky day

The lottery-Like application is known to be very rewarding and is famous all over the internet, courtesy of YouTube reviews and blogs on this application. It gives an opportunity for you to take part in Sweepstakes, scratch lottery tickets, and enter daily raffles with the possibility of winning a wide range of prices. You can actually make money on this app by just scratching the lottery without any investment and the fact that you can do it anywhere and anytime without any effort is just amazing.

  • Givling

Givling is an application that funds students. The backbone of Givling is crowdfunding to ease the burden on students and relieve them of their financial problems. The app consists of playing games to win rewards. You can also earn money through a weekly pot. The main function of this application is to hold a trivia and question a team of three. The highest-ranking team gets a reward that it has to split amongst them. This ensures money is in good hands for passionate and hardworking students. 

  • Bananatic

 Bananatic is an application that is very well known to gamers and if you’re a gamer then you’ve probably discovered this paradise already. The fact there is a place where gamers are held in high esteem and paid to play games is incredible and hard to fathom.

Bananatic currency is bananas that can be traded for cash backs. For every game, you play you receive an equivalent reward. Some games require you to reach a certain level and then pay you, but nevertheless it’s rewarding. 

After easy registration, you can make money through various different ways that include watching videos with a timer that indicates the number of bananas you have earned, search on bananpedia and even write an article and blogs or make videos and post it to earn credits. Different membership programs can generate more bananas. The mode of payment on this application is mainly PayPal that ensures the safety and wipes out the threat of scams. Other modes consist of Amazon gift cards and steam wallets.

  • HQ

You might have heard of this application as it got a lot of traction and fame, but it unexpectedly closed down. The application has again kicked off its operations and is back into the business. The fact that it’s starting again means it can be a very good source of earning money. This application constitutes of trivia games that help you win cash prices. The games are quite nerve-wracking and you have to really rattle your brain in order to win.

Final Note

In a world where making money means following orders and working tirelessly, these applications allow you to earn while you are at home. They allow you to enjoy your free time and earn a reward simultaneously. It is an easy way to satisfy your wants and show people that everything is worth a price — even playing games.

Disclaimer: Getignite doesn’t guarantee the earnings as described the in the article as this article is published by a guest author.