Strike Launches the Lightning Payment across 200 countries


Strike, a blockchain payment API that provides a lighting network to make Bitcoin transactions efficiently has recently extended its initiative of lighting Network Payment program globally. Following its launch in the United States in 2020, Strike is expanding globally by launching its services to more than 200 countries. Bittrex will provide the onboarding of Strike … Read more

Bitcoin Price Set to Surpass Previous ATH, But When?

Bitcoin 23000

Each cryptocurrency exchange has a different all-time high (ATH) value of bitcoin. In some markets, each coin was traded above the mark of $20,000, but many consider that bitcoin’s ATH was approximately $19,665. This was during December 2017. Almost three years after, November 2020 achieved the closest one yet to this value. The price of … Read more

Top Things To Do Before Writing An Essay

The essay can become your life-changing paper. Written for college admission or your future employer, it brings you the desired acceptance letter or a dream job. Even when you create it just to demonstrate the gained knowledge and share ideas, you might need some help.   Very often, the hardest thing about any text is to gather your thoughts and to start it. While … Read more

Blockchain-based Ecosystem to Bridge Gap between Fiat and Crypto


The blockchain-based payment system has faced many obstacles since its inception. Soem of the major issues like real-time transaction were blocking its way from becoming a mainstream payment mode. A blockchain-based initiative is now working to bridge this gap between traditional banking and payment services and decentralized banking. Cryptoenter claims to diminish all the differences … Read more

Best Forex Brokers to Trade Cryptocurrency

crypto trading

Since the revolutionary breakthrough of Bitcoin, the blockchain world has exceptionally evolved. Nowadays, there are plenty of easy ways available to invest in cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, the more spread the cryptocurrency universe made, the risk and threat of losing the fund has grown considerably. And eventually, it has become challenging for the beginning level users to … Read more