Best Forex Brokers to Trade Cryptocurrency

Since the revolutionary breakthrough of Bitcoin, the blockchain world has exceptionally evolved. Nowadays, there are plenty of easy ways available to invest in cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, the more spread the cryptocurrency universe made, the risk and threat of losing the fund has grown considerably. And eventually, it has become challenging for the beginning level users to chose a crypto platform to start their trading journey. Due proliferation of crypto exchange, the initial level user finds it confusing to start investing and trading cryptocurrency. Starting investment through Forex traders would be a wise idea to get exposure to crypto trading. FX-List could be a great platform to get an overview of the best Forex trading platforms. It offers a comprehensive list of forex brokers with in-depth details so that users can choose the correct trading platform according to their needs.

Established forex trading platforms have extended their services to incorporate cryptocurrency trading due to its massive growing demand. Forex brokers work as an intermediary between the different cryptocurrency exchanges to facilitate the trading of digital currency. Users can trade in various crypto-crypto or crypto-fiat pairs such as BTCUSD, LTCUSD, ETHUSD, and many more.

Keeping track of every minute movement of the market can be hectic for people who want to trade in cryptocurrency with peace of mind. The Forex traders solve this issue with their user-friendly interface and customized investment mediums. Through extensive research, we have picked the finest forex brokers offering cryptos for trading.

Top 5 Forex Brokers to trade cryptocurrency


Etoro offers a wide range of financial instruments, including CFD, along with trade-in cryptocurrency directly through the wallet. Founded back in 2007, this multi-asset brokerage firm provides its a fully-functional crypto wallet. Also, more than 100 pairs of cryptocurrencies are available to trade on eToro.
The best feature that this platform offers is the option of copy trading, which enables traders to copy specific trading strategies.


RoboForex manages to make headlines after being awarded the ‘Safest Broker’ title. Safety and leverage are the two most important factors in cryptocurrency trading. RoboForex provides a highly secure trading environment as well as leverage upto 1:1000. Besides cryptocurrency, this brokerage firm offers trading in metal and stocks. First-time users can get a specialist help round the clock for any query.


IG boasts of having gained no.1 position in CFD provider. The major highlights of this trading platform are its flexibility in offering trading instruments, if you take a look at IG review. It also provides CFD trading in the top 10 cryptos( as per the total market cap) and enables users to utilize these top crypto indexes’ future movement. Moreover, this trading platform is regulated and signed by the Global Code of Conduct to establish fair trading practices in the markets.


This forex trading platform is known for its competitive price, transparency, and delivering an excellent trading experience for CFD. Being a global leader in this field since 2001, Forex.Com is currently offering eight crypto assets and overnight financing. This is one of the most trusted brands, and its parent company is publicly traded, which makes it a great choice to start the crypto trading journey.


Crypto Rocket has a good track record and currently a leading platform in CFD brokering. It provides more than 30 cryptocurrency pairs along with several financial instruments to trade. Based on Saint Vincent, this trading platform is registered legally as a forex broker. The first time users can utilize this platform to initiate trading without any account verification. This distinctive feature makes this forex trader a great option for users who wants to avoid the KYC process.

Advantages of trading with a Broker

Cryptocurrency brokers provide a good environment for the beginning lever users who have not gained much insight into cryptocurrency and want to have a safe and sound investment in cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the Forex broker offers some frequently used payment methods like (Credit card, Bank transfer, etc.) to trade in cryptocurrency.

  • In contrast to the crypto exchanges, the Forex brokers provide top-notch supports to users and help them opt for the best instrument that suits their requirements. It could be immensely helpful for users who are new to the cryptocurrency and do not want to indulge in extensive trading.
  • Forex Brokers ensure a high level of security and safety of all transactions and invested funds. Besides, forex brokers are usually regulated and hence accountable for all activity taking place on the platform.
  • Crypto trading forex brokers make this task easy by providing different cryptocurrency trading instruments with customized time periods to suit the need of users.

Cryptocurrency trading can be highly beneficial for users who have gathered a good knowledge of the market’s movement; however, it can be a disaster to initiate trading without understanding the market due to massive fluctuation in cryptocurrency prices. If you are not a full-time trader and still want to profit from the movement of cryptocurrencies, it is beneficial to kick-off your journey with the help of a broker.

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