Bitcoin Documentary Cryptopia Launched

Amid an ongoing debate on the validity and future of fiat currency, a documentary film “Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet” launched by Award-Winning Filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann. Cryptopia analyzes the striking invention of Satoshi Nakamoto through the current economic situation and ideas of significant stakeholder of this industry.

Focus on Disrupting technologies

Filmmaker Hoffman is well known for this insight in the blockchain industry. Before this movie, he had directed widely acclaimed film ‘Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know it”. Cryptopia stars famous personalities like Charlie Lee, Samson Mow, Roger Ver and Andres Antonopoulos. It takes a close look on web 3.0, decentralized finance and marketplace and other such revolutionary themes that are disrupting the current global economic market. Moreover, it expands the present application of this remarkable technology and how it may impact and transform the world in future.

Digital currency as Substitute to Fiat

The movie explores the underlying financial activity that states usages for the war and supporting unlawful activities in other countries for personal games. In the documentary, Roger Ver quotes “The way that government finance most of their wars is through the printing money, not through the direct taxation”.

Filmmaker Hoffman has increased the budget for this film in comparison to his last release to provide an enhanced visual experience and understanding of under the hood working mechanism of blockchain technology. It can help a layperson to understand the working pattern of blockchain and its application in the real world. You can watch the launch trailer of this documentary below:

This documentary also brings the debate of Bitcoin scalability issue. Moreover, it sheds light on the incorporation of digital currencies in the current financial system to illustrate its importance and advantages over the traditional financial operation. There are a lot of insights and information are shared by the top blockchain leaders about the current situation of blockchain, the challenges and its future. You can go through with this fantastic cinematic journey, full of eye-opening facts about this groundbreaking technology on its official website, Cryptopia Film . This film is available at a minimal cost of 0.0007 BTC.