Bitcoin & Litecoin worth $360 million Distributes as Rewards

In an attempt to enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency for online payment for regular purchases and online shopping, Litecoin foundation and BitcoinRewards signed a deal. BitcoinReawards is a Google Chrome extension platform that facilitates online shopping through cryptocurrencies in around 1500 online stores across the world. This payment platform extended rewards worth $360 million for its users who use this extension to make a purchase online in digital assets. This rewards in a form on Litecoin and Bitcoin will be distributed among those users who will use this platform for their online shopping. New users could join it at

While the world is going through an economic slowdown due to outbreak of Coronavirus, this platform it utilizing this opportunity to encourage users to move towards cryptocurrency for paying online for shoppings, the Litecoin and Bitcoin will be the primary currency that could be used for the payment for shopping on several online shops around the globe.

This Australia based, the online platform revealed that users in the United States and other parts of the world would be eligible to win up to $2,000 in a year if they reach the said limit of expenditure through this Google Chrome extension.

“There is no better time to shop online than now and earn free LTC and BTC given the current social and economic challenges facing society,” Litecoin Said.

This could be an important step towards the utilization of crypto assets to buy things online. Furthermore, it will drive the mass adoption of digital assets as the exciting reward will motivate new users towards using cryptocurrencies for online purchase