Blockchain tech helps Identify Fake Details in Resume

In the row of implementation of blockchain technology for solving real-world issues, a Spain based blockchain firm EagleCheck is working to help employers spot fake credentials in job resumes.

The Employers take utmost care about the mentioned or claimed information such as prior experiences and academic backgrounds in the resume. However, the inclusion of fake information relevant to the job opportunity in the resume is not uncommon nowadays. The process of finding lies mentioned in a resume is a pretty lengthy process as well as it costs a significant amount of money. Furthermore, the third-party sometimes yield unreliable information due to different issues in manually retrieving and verifying the claimed information.

Considering the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain, EagleCheck wants to utilize this technology to expedite the entire process of verification. The use of blockchain technology will also reduce the cost drastically and ensure credibility in the verification process. The implementation of blockchain tech in the screening of the resumes will buy a lot for time for the HR department to focus on other important aspects and help to make the hiring process smooth and transparent.

This new technology can verify educational certifications, diplomas, work experiences with previous companies as well as background verification of personal and other details.

The company is opted for Hyperledger considering its scalability and effective cost. The existing system and software are not able to handle the influx of verification effectively in the required amount of time. The intervention of distributed ledger technology will solve this issue with lesser time with better and credible results. The successful implementation of this project will add another breakthrough in the utilization of blockchain technology for effective solutions to real issues.

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