Body Armor: 5 Myths to Debunk

People watching their favourite movie star wearing ballistic body armor in an action movie gets enthusiastic about the apparel and make various assumptions and statements about the ballistic armor.

Many people believe that ballistic body armor is just for professionals in military and law enforcement since they have to protect themselves from the attackers in the line of service is just another assumption. While some believe that body armor is the thing of the twenty-first century. Ballistic body armor has evolved from the methods used thousands of years ago. They may not be bulletproof vests, concealed vests, or aluminium ballistic side plates, but they were in the form of leather shields, metal shields and cowhides.

Considering the above assumptions, I am here to debunk myths related to ballistic body armor-

Myth1- Bulletproof vests provide 100% protection from bullets- Bulletproof vests are often mistaken as bulletproof, but actually they are bullet-resistant. It means that they can reduce the impact of anything that projects on the wearer’s body. Whether it’s a bullet, knife, shards of glass or other objects in motion, it can prevent them from penetrating the skin. 

People in civil services mostly wear bullet-resistant vests, for example, police officers, protection executives, security guards and so on. They have to perform their duty and protect the public and VIPs and also keep themselves safe.

Myth2- Kevlar vests protect concealed vests- Kevlar vests are soft armor for the body. The common myth is that they offer equal protection as hard armor vests. If you haven’t done much research and never been in training, don’t wear soft armor vests since bullets can penetrate through them and injure your skin. They have A NIJ level IIIA rating, and most of the threats are from the firearms, so consider other options with a high rating.

Myth3- Body armor can prove to be useful for all sorts of attacks- Another common myth is that a single body vest can protect against all types of ammunition. Understand that each body vest offers a different level of protection. Moreover, it depends on the material used in making the body vest. Besides, every body vest, when manufactured, is tested and improved to a particular standard if there are some minor issues. I would suggest you visit a professional body armor store since they will help you get the one you are looking for.

Myth4- All vests can be concealed under your clothes- Many people are unaware of the fact that all vests cannot be worn under your clothes. Sometimes they are quite noticeable and can even resist mobility while you are in action. When you are in the mode of action, your body needs to be flexible enough to take various attacking positions; if you wear bulky body vests, they will not only cause discomfort but also offer zero protection.

Myth5- Homemade ballistic body armor is as effective as readymade- Believing that homemade armor is as good as commercially manufactured body armor, then do not take that risk. The commercially manufactured ballistic body armor is tested, inspected and only listed once it has cleared all levels of testing. Whereas, your homemade armor will not meet the standards of protection you would be expecting. Hence don’t risk your life.