Buying your dream car with bitcoins: How to turn dream into reality?

It’s a sunny day. The sky is clear; the newly built highway lets you drive a 180/kmph, and all you need is the car that makes you feel you have earned it. Feels amazing, right?

But for many, buying a new car remains a dream.

There are three things that one requires to turn this dream into reality; vision, the means, and guidance. 

Vision is something that develops with your interest. Whereas, means are your means are directly proportional to your hard work. So basically, you have to wait for these things to happen, and no one can help you in these two areas.

But as far as the guidance is concerned, this blog does nothing but that. 

Welcome To the Future

As the world is moving forward, even our cash has been digitalized. People carry e-wallets loaded with e-currency. Cryptocurrencies have gained quite some attention for their ability to solve problems in the global financial system, such as feeless cross-border payments.

It has diversified to include different types of assets. Initially, it seemed like a dangerous investment, but now our legislatures have made room for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins. But, what makes Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies so secure?

Cryptocurrencies use Blockchain, a public archive containing the history of all transactions made in cryptocurrency.

The Blockchain maintains a ledger, a chain of transaction blocks, each validated by a miner. This ledger is unchangeable and available to all users of the cryptocurrency, making fraud impossible, and enhancing trust in the network.

Who would have thought that a nonphysical currency would one day allow you to buy physical items? 

It feels like yesterday when Laszlo Hanyecz ordered pizzas with his bitcoins cash. An amount of 10,000 in cryptocurrency was paid for a cheesy treat. It was considered a milestone ten years ago. Imagine now! 

Well, you do not have to imagine, as the currency is now being used to buy a lot more than only pizzas. Mobile apps, hotel bookings, food items, dating site payments, you name it.

Surprisingly, even cars are available to buy via cryptocurrencies. We are not only talking about used cars. We are also talking about the top of the line ones; BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, etc.

People have started to understand that cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin, are safe, convenient, and nothing but a step forward in the future. 

Moreover, BitCoin is not just a currency. It is an investment at the same time. It shoots like anything and allows you to earn from it too!

So if you have the means to buy a car, not in cash, but in digital currency, and looking for avenues to purchase a car, then don’t worry. We have you covered.

How Does It Work?

If previously, someone with cryptocurrency had to buy BMW with Bitcoin, the only way they had was to convert it into their country’s currency in cash and then pay for it. But as easy as it sounds, it is not. The fee and deductions charged on this conversion are quite hefty. 

It starts to look meaningless to pay such an amount only for the sake of conversion.

This is the traditional mean of buying a car. However, the process doesn’t end here. Once you have purchased the car, you have to pay several charges and sign a plethora of documents to transfer the vehicle ownership.

Not only this, there is an inherent lack of trust between the buyers and dealerships. Thus, both parties hire the services of a mediator in the process. The mediator facilitates the deal and ensures that the money reaches the dealership, and the buyer gets the ownership of the car.

Add the cost of mediator or intermediaries, and all the costs seriously bloat the car’s final pricing. Moreover, the process takes time, as well.

It is where the idea of using the cryptocurrency to buy physical assets becomes attractive to the buyers. All the transactions are digital, secure, and are done without the help of intermediaries.

Today, if someone decides to pay for a car in cryptocurrency, they have far more options.  Here are a few steps they can follow to turn their dream of owning a car into a reality:

  1. Search online for car dealerships that accept cryptocurrencies. There are also online marketplaces that connect buyers with such dealerships. You can also visit them and check the stocks.
  2. If you can find your dream car, you can then take the process forward.
  3. The next step would be to pay for your car in cryptocurrency. Here, directly pay in crypto or convert your digital currency into fiat cash. 
  4. After the deal is done and the terms and conditions are agreed upon, you can then get your car ownership.
  5. Congrats! You have turned your dream into reality. Now take your car for a long drive.

The process of buying a car with cryptocurrencies is safe, secure, and hassle-free. Moreover, everything happens digitally, so there are no lengthy bank transactions involved.

The practice of buying cars with cryptocurrencies is still not widespread; however, as the adoption of digital currency grows, this process will also gain traction.

If the world is moving forward, the best way is to take everyone along.

Final words

In conclusion, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies are definitely the future, as they have only shown progress over all these years.

Why keep millions of your hard work in cash where it will get depreciated by the passing minute?

Bitcoin and crypto are becoming an area of focus for almost everyone now. Usability is offering the convenience of one of a kind. Making access to those assets is very easy and straight-forward. So why won’t anyone want to opt for this mode of payment?

The transactions are so much easier than the buyer wants to opt that. Let alone the fact that it is insanely safe. 

It doesn’t get easier than this, so if you want that long trip to happen, you better start looking for Bitcoin Car Dealers!

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