Crypto possess significant threat to U.S Dollar, Jerome Powell acknowledges

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Jerome Powell, Federal Chairman, has accepted the potential threats triggered by the proliferation of digital currencies. He further revealed that the United States is working hard on the Digital Dollar considering the current situation and recent development of Libra, a proposed digital currency by Facebook. Although the US has increased the pace on Digital Dollar, … Read more

Millions of USD expected to be Converted into Bitcoin through Rewards-to-Crypto Plan

In the ongoing development of the crypto world, another significant innovation is expecting to be added soon. An expecting blockchain-based app could convert millions of American rewards point to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereoum (link) Jeff Sprecher,  The founder, and CEO of the Bakkt operator Continental Exchange(ICE) told Fortune “The Internet Should Make it possible … Read more

Crypto Companies Adopt Features of Traditional Banks for Growth

Cryptocurrencies were initially developed as an alternative to the traditional financial payment system. However, due to different drawbacks and technical obstacles, these currencies are yet to realize the dream of its adoption as a system of payment. According to an analysis published by cryptocurrency exchange Deribit, the cryptocurrency companies are working consistently toward the adoption … Read more