Coronavirus: Apple and Google come together to work on contact tracing technology

The whole world has come together at this time because of the coronavirus epidemic. Almost all countries in the world are affected due to this epidemic. Governments and health authorities around the world are fighting together for this. The world’s two giant technology companies, Apple and Google, have also decided to come together to fight the epidemic. Both the companies that make operating systems for smartphones have decided to build technical tools together. That will help people fight this dreaded virus. Google and Apple have decided to work together on contact tracing technology with the help of Bluetooth. This will help the government and health agencies to prevent the spread of the virus.

As health agencies believe that coronavirus spreads rapidly due to people’s close contact, both the companies have decided to build a contract tracing tool. Through this tool, people coming to close contact will be monitored. The world’s leading public health authority, universities and non-government institutions are currently working on contact tracing technology. Apple and Google are going to be developers with application programming interfaces (APIs) based on contact tracing technology so that the operating system level technology can enable contact tracing.

In view of the need of the time, both the companies are going to add stringent protection to the user policy. Which will be enabled in two phases. Under the first phase, both the companies will release the API in May, which will develop apps for Android and iOS devices in conjunction with the public health authority, which users can download to their Android or iOS devices.

In the second phase, Apple and Google will work together to create Bluetooth-based contact tracing platforms that work on both devices. It will be a better solution than the API, in which more and more people will be able to participate and help prevent the spread of coronavirus. The privacy and transparency of the people will also be taken care of while preparing this platform.