Covid 19: WhatsApp’s big decision, limit in message forwarding

WhatsApp has taken a big decision on rumors about the coronavirus being spread on WhatsApp and social media. WhatsApp has limited message forwarding. WhatsApp users will now be able to forward a message to only one user at a time. Earlier, there was a facility to forward a message to five people at a time, although the feature would be active only after an update.

In fact, all kinds of fake news are being shared on social media about the Coronavirus, which is a challenge for companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook. In view of this, WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned company, set a new message forwarding limit, according to which you can forward a message to only one man at a time.


Earlier, Facebook has also taken such a decision to rein in FAKE news on its platform. Google is also flag fake news. In addition, the microblogging site Twitter is also filtering to prevent fake news.

WhatsApp’s decision is being greatly appreciated. It is said that the company’s decision is welcome. This will definitely prevent fake news. Let’s say that WhatsApp has more than two billion active users all over the world, while more than 40 crore people in India use WhatsApp.

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