Custom Jewelry: Reasons to Own a Name Pendant

Many of you might know what a name pendant is? Some of you must be confused because people use other words for the same, including name necklace, initials necklace, and so on. Name pendants are custom jewelry where customers can ask the jewelry designers to create a charm in their name. 

The necklace represents the identity of the wearer and is usually worn by women and girls. I am sure you would have seen Sara Jessica Parker, aka Carry Bradshaw wearing the name pendant in a TV series. It created hype among women, and they were ready to get their custom jewelry name pendant as soon as possible. Trends, you know!

Why copy the entire thing when you can design the letters in any material and any text style you want? You can choose a gold chain with diamonds studded on the alphabetical letters. If you do not wish to spend lavishly on your name pendant, custom design it decently with a silver material.

Why Choosing Name Pendant a Great Idea?

You can wear it every day.

Most of the heavy jewelry pieces can only go with formals or can be worn occasionally. But there has to be something that you can wear daily to enhance your look. Name pendants are a perfect choice to match with your daily outfits. Besides, they go well with the formal look as well. Relieving your neck from the heavy strain of carrying overly designed jewelry, neck pendants have become a priority in the list of women’s custom jewelry.

It is for you. You may see women wearing similar stuff with no uniqueness. It is then when you can show them how different you are with the name pendant on your neck. Your unique jewelry will emphasize your individuality and reflect your boldness. 

It acts as an eye-catcher. Whether you go to your office, a marketplace, or a party, you can witness girls pointing at you and shushing about your pendant. Well, you are a show’s topper now. Some of them will definitely approach you and ask about it, so be ready! No one will forget you because of your name pendant.

Can Name Pendant be a Great Gift?

You can gift a name pendant to anyone, and believe me, they will be happy to receive such a precious gift. You can get this custom piece of jewelry for just anyone, whether it’s your wife, daughter, girlfriend, friend, or mother.

  • Imagine presenting a name pendant to your girlfriend as a surprise on Valentine. She will feel lucky enough to have you. 
  • You can think about gifting it to your wife on your anniversary. She is going to boast it wherever she goes.
  •  If you are thinking of surprising your daughter on her birthday, go-ahead! That will be the best birthday present she will ever receive.

Name pendants can vary in sizes, styles, materials, and colors. If you are choosing a gold one, it will be expensive comparing to the varieties in silver. So, don’t worry if you do not have extra dollars. The name pendants in silver or gold-plated silver will look absolutely chic with every dress you wear.