European Airline plans to accept payment in Cryptocurrency

Despite the moderate performance of the top 10 Cryptocurrencies, the crypto world has achieved considerable success in the use of cryptocurrency as a payment mode to buy commodities and services. In the row of adoption of cryptocurrencies for payment, the biggest airline of Europe, Norwegian Air, plans to accept the digital currencies as a payment medium for booking for the flight in the near future. 

Norwegian Air is one of the largest airlines in Scandinavia and serves frequent domestic as well as international flights. This airline company has tied up with the Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) to implement crypto payment for the flight booking. The NBX CEO, Stig Kjos-Mathisen revealed this news in an interview with a local news agency.  

The NBX has developed the payment infrastructure successfully completed the beta phase, and the integration is expected to take place in March 2020. After the successful rollout of this new payment system, the travelers will be able to buy a flight ticket using cryptocurrencies. Although the name of available digital currency for payment is not yet disclosed, the Bitcoin is expected to be in the list as well as a favored currency for the crypto payments.

A leading Norwegian bank, Spare bank, is investing the required capital to support this initiative. This bank has invested a $1.6 Million in the development of this crypto exchange back in September 2019.

German Airline, Hahn Air Carrier is first to allow use of Digital currency for flight booking

Currently, a German airline, Hahn Air is accepting the payments in cryptocurrency for flight booking through a collaboration with travel payment platform Winding Tree. The option to buy an air ticket is only available through Winding Tree’s platform. The airline is expected to extend this facility on a wider scale.

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies by leading service providers could be a significant success in the attempt to bring digital currency for the payment system. The inclination towards the use of cryptocurrencies for buying services and commodities helps in the adoption on a massive scale.

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