Facebook removes blue tick from Apple page, Know what’s the whole case

The war between the iPhone maker Apple and Facebook is now beginning to take a new turn. According to reports, Facebook has now removed the blue tick from Apple’s social media page. The company says the page was never verified. Since then, the debate between the two giants has been continuing.

Angry Apple CEO made these statements

Facebook issued a statement saying that apple page admins have not yet applied for the same under the verification process. Angered by the statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that Apple is not preventing Facebook from tracking their users’ data, but Apple wants to give its users the choice to decide whether to track the data.

Why is the war between Apple and Facebook?

Facebook tracks users who use their app for targeted add or personalized ads. That means collecting their details so that they can sell it from another business. But with Apple’s new privacy feature, it will be the user’s choice to track or not get their data tracked. The upcoming iOS 14.4 update will feature. But Facebook is opposing it.

Facebook did not say that the policy would hurt it, but Apple’s decision is citing the loss of small traders. Apple, however, stands by its stand. However, surprisingly, the feature is still available in iPhones running iOS 14.3.

Who gets Blue Tick?

On social media platforms, big celebrities, companies, brands, and organizations, etc., are given a blue tick. The purpose is proof of their veracity. It is also called a verification tick. This is what the account on social media is real and regional, this tick shows.