Five Quick Tips for Your Replacement Windows Maintenance

So, have you finally executed your windows replacement project and now enjoying the look and performance of your newly replaced windows? If yes, then have you started its maintenance right from the day it has been installed? If you are giving a second thought to this question, you are probably in trouble. Glass windows have already taken up a considerable part of your investment, and if you aren’t giving it the needed attention, your efforts and money are up for waste.

Just like your roof, windows and doors take the major hit from the weather conditions and contribute to the overall value of your home. So, follow these tips to care for your replacement windows and make them keep looking as beautiful as the day they were installed –

  1. Clean at the Right Time

If you are living in a less polluted and traffic area, you probably need a window cleaning once in a while. But the time you choose for the annual or semi-annual cleaning matters a lot. You might consider a sunny day for drying windows quickly, but it has its drawbacks. With the scorching heat, your solutions may dry fast and leave behind streaks. So, you better choose a cloudy day for carrying out this task.

  • Pick Natural Cleaning Products

Other than the timing, the cleaners you use for the windows also play a significant role. Anything that contains harsh chemicals may give you immediate clean effect, but when used over a long term can lead to severe scratches and abrasions on your newly installed windows. Thus, it is best to buy organic solutions as they are free of chlorine and bleach. Otherwise, a bucket of water and a handful of mild detergent will do well too.

  • Pay Attention to the Frame

Your replacement window frame is as important as your window glass, so make sure you give it the care it needs. Stay away from strong chemical cleaners and use the ones that have natural ingredients instead. If you can find, then great but if you don’t, then use a non-abrasive soapy solution. Use only micro-fiber cloth for the cleaning and wiping purpose. Also, try testing any product on a small area first to see if it does the cleaning job without leaving any scratches.

  • Repair Chips and Scratches

Once you see even the minutest of chip or scratch, you must repaint it as soon as possible. If you don’t then firstly, it will hamper the performance, and secondly, it will get worst with time. So, prep up the area by removing the accumulated dirt and grime with a wet cloth. Carefully, rub-down the area and then apply a micro-porous finish, followed by a coat of paint.

  • Don’t Ignore the Cracks

Small opening or cracks in your window frames are an easy way for the moisture, water, and air to come in. You can never foresee when these open crevices and holes affect the energy efficiency of your building and also lead to mold formation. Therefore, inspect the areas around the frame while you clean your windows and do proper caulking to seal them off.