Five Things to Keep Handy When Meeting Your Custom Home Builder

Building your home from scratch is pretty exciting. Though there are millions of things to look after and stress over, the sense of having your personal space is inexpressible. There are similar feelings in the case of buying a pre-fabricated home as well but knowing that there will be more to experiment with your custom home building, this journey is any day far stimulating.

It is easy to make your big project less daunting and trouble-some by having the right custom home builder on board. However, there is a little prep work you have to do to understand your needs to be able to clarify it to the builder. You have to be ready with the questions and other things to discuss in the initial meeting to shortlist the best home building company –

#1 – Your estimated budget

The first and foremost point of discussion is always going to be the budget that you have. Your builders need to know how much is your maximum range of spending to come up with suitable materials and home design. So, assess your budget and then schedule a meeting. Otherwise, you can end up overspending real quickly and surprise yourself quite bad at the end of the day.

#2 – Your vision for the house

A custom home builder is probably going to have tons of ideas for a house that have earned them a great name in the past. However, it is your house and your personal space. You ought to have a say as to how you want the things to be. Of course, you got to be careful of the feasibility of the design which luckily you can brainstorm on when you meet the potential builder. Just don’t hesitate and take the magazines, Pinterest images, and any other design reference that you may have.

#3 – Your favorite floor plan

You may not have a pro experience in building homes, but you are likely going to have an idea about the floor plan that you feel is suitable for your kind of family and lifestyle. You can search a bit on the potential floor plans and do a rough sketch for yourself. Show it your builder so that you can implement it or if necessary, make desired changes.

#4 – Your likes and dislikes

As an amateur to the field, you may not be able to know what is best for you precisely. But, what you like and what you don’t is something you can be clear about. So, use that instinct and list out your choices. Have a thorough look around your current home and list down what you absolutely love and hate. Tell it to your builder so he can come up with the best solutions for it.

#5 – Your paperwork

Sketches, pictures, records or maps of the lot, loan approval files, proof of building funds, etc. are some of the relevant documents you need to have to show your builder that you are serious about the project and posses the budget to execute till the end. So, arrange them before you plan the initial meeting with your builder.