Five Tips to Ensure Your Workers’ Safety on Construction Sites

The construction industry alone accounts for millions of jobs across Canada. But, due to the nature of work involved, it is considered to be of the most unsafe and riskiest job profile. The role of workers is such that it exposes them to risk of falls, electrocutions, falling objects, injuries, and at times death.

So, while the unbothered employers continue to pay no heed to the situation and focus only on to save costs, the labor is left alone to battle with the misfortunes they encounter.

However, if you are not and don’t want to be the part of such an insensitive lot, you must adhere to the safety rules set forth by authorities and keep yourself, and others, safe. Here is what you can do –

  1. Impart Proper Training

Each site that you choose for your construction team to work on has its unique work operations and hazards. No two work sites are the same for them. So, to make sure that everyone can work safely everywhere, you have to arrange proper training sessions. Training programs help your labor become competent and aware, especially when working at height and with bulky machinery and make them learn life-saving techniques to deploy in times of need.

  • Provide PPE

Your entire workforce must be braced up with right kind of clothing when working on site. Head protection gear should be worn at all times to avoid head injury and slip-resistant boots, cut-resistant gloves, masks or goggles for additional safety. For elevated areas, there must be safety harness for each worker and proper back support in case of lifting heavy-weight objects. When not in use, the workers should be well-instructed to store their gear in a safe, dry place.

  • Put Signage

Construction sites are hazardous not for the workers but also for the people and vehicles passing by. So, to guard everyone from any sort of injury, it is better to give a warning beforehand. Install signboards at blind spots, dangerous locations, presence of chemicals, and more so that everyone can take precautions and your million dollars project isn’t shamed for any accidents.

  • Clean the Job Site

Dust and debris are common during construction but you must not allow it to infect your valuable workers, expensive machinery, and products. And because, with so many knockdowns and builds involved, there is a high risk of slips and trips for the labor, you must ensure that your work area including the escape routes is tidy throughout and there is no littering around.

  • Secure the Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a crucial component of construction sites and needs to be constructed and maintained correctly. You need a stable ground to begin with so that you can have a solid footing and no chance of collapsing. Also, there must be an experienced company by your side to erect and dismantle the scaffolding so that there is no hassle and you can focus peacefully on your project.