France usage AI to Identify those who don’t Wear Masks

The coronavirus has been plaguing the whole world. The governments of all countries are doing a lot of ways to prevent the infection of the corona, but many people are not helping the government. Some are fleeing from the quarantine centre, and few are roaming outside without masks. The French government has started using artificial intelligence (AI) to keep an eye on such people.

The French government is using AI-based security cameras to nab people who are travelling without masks in the Paris Metro. Bloomberg’s report says that the software has already been used in many places. Recently, it has been used for three months at the central Chatelet-Les-Halls station in Paris as a trial. The French DatakaLab has prepared the program to keep an eye on those who travel without masks.

Datalab CEO Xavier Fischer has said that his aim is only to find out the number of people who are not using masks every day, though it has clearly stated that the purpose of this monitoring is not to identify and punish anyone.

Masks have been made mandatory while travelling in public vehicles in France. Even a fine of up to 145 dollars is being considered for not wearing masks while travelling in metros, trains, buses, or taxis.

Due to monitoring of people through CCTV and facial recognition, privacy concerns have grown in many countries, but the priority of the people and the government in the corona epidemic is to prevent infection. Privacy is currently being seen as the second primary.