Gold investment is best option during crisis: World Gold Council

Gold is the best option of investing in times of crisis. The World Gold Council (WGC) has said this. In the wake of the growing coronavirus infection, it has said that gold can provide the necessary liquidity and liquidity in times of crisis. There is also no risk of credibility. It also improves the performance of your entire portfolio.

Gold can clearly play a supplementary role in shares, bonds, and broad-based portfolios, the UGC report said. It has the full potential to hedge risks from any kind of currency devaluation and inflation.

Surand Mehta, national secretary of the Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association, says there are signs of a further spurt in gold. Gold in the overseas market could climb to $1,800. With the coronavirus increasing risk and the rupee crossing the 78 levels against the dollar, gold prices in the domestic market could touch up to Rs 50,000 per 10 grams. ”

The UGC report is named ‘Utility of Gold as a Strategic Asset: Bharti In Perspective’. Historically, gold helps coordinate the risk of returns associated with the portfolio, the report said. It provides positive returns and in case of pressure in the market, it has the ability to meet liabilities.

“Gold is more relevant today for Indian investors than ever before,” said Somasundraram PR, managing director (India) of the agency. At a time of uncertainty when global markets are on the rise, gold has the potential to improve adjustments between risks and returns at different levels of the portfolio. It also forms a means of protection for you before inflation. Our figures confirm this,” he said.