Google Duo: Soon be able to make video calling with 32 people simultaneously

Google had updated its video calling app Google Duo a few days ago after which 12 people could do video conferencing at a time, while Google’s planning is now to take this number to 32.

Google has said that Google Duo’s update is going to release a new update soon after which 32 people will be able to make video calling simultaneously. In the new update, users also have the augmented reality (AR) effects that will work according to users ‘ facial gestures, though the Google Duo already has AR effects but does not follow facial gestures.

In the lockdown, the entire work from children’s classes to office meetings is happening on video calling. All video platforms are continuously releasing updates. Google is currently in the zoom and Facebook Messenger room.

According to the Android Police report, Google is going to give updates soon for 32 participants. Google Duo was launched in April 2019 with four participants and is now going to reach 32 a year later.

There was a recent report claiming that Google is going to launch a big update soon after which users will be able to use the Google Duo app without a mobile number. At the moment Google Duo needs a phone number to use. Google Duo’s new update has been reported by developer Jane Manchun Wong, though the app will require an e-mail ID to use.