How Should You Choose A Car Battery Replacement?

The battery of your car is basically the system that keeps it going, and over time, just like any other mechanical devices, car batteries too can become obsolete. There are many signs that can indicate you need a new car battery, as these are usually replaced every three to five years to maintain smooth working of the car. Some common signs that your car battery needs replacement are- slow engine start up with cranking noises, malfunctioning or dimmed tail lights (or any other electrical component of the vehicle, since the battery powers these) or visible damage on the battery such as corrosion and cracks. If you think your car battery needs to be replaced, it is always safer to go to a mechanic and get your vehicle checked to ensure that it is not any other mechanical issue causing these symptoms.

If you do need to replace your battery, you should always consult the manual that came with your vehicle when you first purchased it. This will have all specifications required for a new car battery. If the battery malfunctions while your manufacturer’s warranty still applies, you can get a new battery installed free of cost from the service centre. In case you need to change your battery on your own since the warranty period has expired, here are a few points you should keep in mind.

  1. Ensure that the quality of the battery is top notch.

You will probably not get a good quality car battery at a very low rate, because some components are extremely crucial to maintain the health of your car and cannot be compromised on. it is always better to spend a few extra bucks and get the best in the market than getting something mediocre which might need replacement even earlier. Look for reputed brands when you buy a replacement battery, since they will also have their own warranty and cover you in case of any damages.

  • Pay attention to the battery technology.

Sometimes, certain things are not mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual, and it is up to you to research thoroughly on what kind of battery is suitable for your car. Most replacement batteries can be either standard flooded battery or deep-cycle battery. This is extremely important since the kind of battery technology you opt for is going to impact the performance of your vehicle.

  • Look at the customer care system.

When you buy a replacement battery for your car from any dealer- it is advised that you to go your original dealership to avoid any mishaps- you should keep in mind that repair and replacement services can always have the risk of not working out the right way. This is why how the dealer manages customer service is very important. Good service will ensure that you have access to smooth follow-ups after replacement and easy servicing facilities.

  • Check out for the battery reserve capacity.

This refers to how long a new and fully charged battery can power up your car if the alternator fails, in any way.