How to Destroy Metal Credit Card?

The normal credit card typically comes as a hard plastic with an EVM chip and magnetic strip. However, there are some high-end credit cards are made entirely of sturdier metal credit cards. There are many credit card providers have already issued, and more companies are switching from a plastic to a metal credit cards.

Metal credit cards usually come with a very attractive cashback, rewards and other enticing features on travel. Similar to the plastic one, the credit cards made up of heavy metal also expires on a specific date and render unusable anymore. Many other reasons led to the termination of the metal credit cards.

While the plastic credit cards can be easily destroyed using a home shredder or a scissor, the metal credit cards are virtually not destructible. But there are a few secure options that can help you bury the metal credit card, leaving almost no chances of getting it ever used to extract your financial or personal information. Below are the four easy ways to get rid of your metal credit card in no time.

Return it to your concerned financial firm

The easiest and most safer way to dispose of your metal credit card is to directly send the expired or unusable credit card to its issuer. The credit card company will send you a new credit card and end the data stored and tagged to your expired credit card.

In case you are hesitant in sending the expired credit card by courier service, you can simply leave it at the local bank branch. If your card were expired, a mail would be received within a week with a new metal card from the issuer. Furthermore, they can dispose of your existing metal credit card without any issue.

Store is safely

The metal credit card has a heavy metal body, however other attributes of this card match with the normal perfect credit card. You can store this expired metal credit card where other items that are not usable are stored. It will be easier and convenient as the credit card does not take much space.

Destroy using Hardware Tools

You can also try a Tin Snip to cut or mark a deeper mark on the metal credit card. Using this tool, you can first remove the EVM chip and destroy the magnetic stripe of the credit card. This changes will render your metal credit card unreadable by any machine and lead to the permanent elimination of the information associated with that credit card.

Take Away

While it is not virtually impossible to destruct your metal credit card, there are ways to get rid of your inactive or expired card quickly. You can try any of the options according to your will and availability, and you can also try or invent some of your cool ideas about safe disposal of an expired or unusable metal credit card.

If you are good with hardware stuff, you can try pilers or other such tools to destroy your metal credit cards. During opting for a hardware tool, avoid using your home shredder for this job as these shredders are capable of cutting a hard plastic. Along with home shredder, you should also ensure that your metal credit card does not come into contact with microwave while trying new ways to destroy your metal credit cards.