Importance of Compounding Medications for Your Pets: Top 4 Benefits

Just like humans, animals can suffer from illness at any moment. Thyroid, obesity, skin rashes, eye and ear infections, heart conditions, cancer, and diabetes are problems that arise in them without any prior notice.

And since pets are a crucial part of the family, you need to give them care and love. However, when it comes to medications, things can get pretty challenging. No animal is happy taking those hard-to-swallow and distasteful pills easily. If you are a pet owner, you would agree that this experience is not pleasant for either party.

So, custom medications can come as your savior. After a thorough consultation with the vet, you can mix your pet’s drug with another substance (such as chicken, beef, tuna, or fruits) and dilute it to make a flavorsome and a lesser strong dose to ease ingesting and suit their taste buds.

If the pet is allergic to a specific dye, a veterinary compounding pharmacist can help create a prescription medicine without it. These experts can customize medications into many different forms such as:

  • Chewable pet treats
  • Sugar-free tablets
  • Transdermal PLO gels

With so much in store, here is how this route might benefit your pet’s life and you –

  1. Pleasant Taste

Most pet owners face a hard time ensuring that their dog or cat has actually swallowed the prescribed medicine. Pets detest any visible medication and spit it out immediately. Sometimes, they nauseate because of the taste. So, it is best to change the pill’s form to avoid its bad flavor and the strange aftertaste.

  • Easy Availability

Compounding pharmacy is your best bet when you need medications for your pets that are otherwise not available at the regular vet stores because either they are stocked out, or the drug manufacturer has discontinued it. However, if that particular medicine has worked well, there are high possibilities that you can find them at a compounding pharmacist store.

  • Allergy-Friendly

It may come as a surprise to you, but even animals can develop an allergic reaction or sensitivity to lactose, gluten, flavorings or dyes that are found in traditional medicines. Unfortunately, you cannot eliminate that ingredient from mass production. In that case, a pharmaceutical compounding can help you to create equally effective doses without that additive in it. As a result, there are fewer struggles on your part and your pet bounces back healthy soon.

  • Dose Customization

All of the pets may not have the same response towards a medicine. In fact, your pet may not respond to it in the same way, every time either. So, by in-depth observations and experiences of your pet with that medicine, your pharmacist can devise an accurate and consistent dose. He/she can even combine several medicines given throughout the day into one or two to reduce the stress and hassle of administering. Besides, you get to tailor-make the dosage depending on the age and size of your pet.