Instagram removes post from Explore option over Coronavirus

Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has decided to remove posts related to Coronavirus from explore and recommendation options. Instagram’s move has been taken to prevent fake news and rumors related to social media platforms’ coronavirus. Let me tell you that the Indian IT ministry had directed all social media platforms in the recent past to prevent the spread of fake news and rumors. Facebook has decided to go ahead and advertise for the World Health Organization (WHO) for free, so as to spread awareness among people about coronavirus. In addition to Facebook, Google’s video-sharing platform Youtube is also circulating an awareness-related advertisement related to coronavirus.

Let us tell you that so far 6, 63740 cases of coronavirus have been reported worldwide. Most of these cases have come to the fore in the United States. The number of people infected with coronavirus has risen sharply to 1, 24388. However, the relief is that out of these 6, 63740 corona infected people, 1, 42183 people have been recovered. In India also, the number of corona affected people has reached 1,024. Due to this, the lockdown has been announced across the country by April 14.

Facebook has been monitoring all kinds of posts related to coronavirus on all its platforms Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The social media company said in its statement that we are also downgrading any post related to the epidemic. It has been implemented for both Facebook and Instagram. These fake posts proved by fact-checking organizations are being prevented from spreading on platforms. Last week, Twitter also banned users from sharing misleading information.