Is your child safe in the digital world?

Every child love to be a digital citizen these days. The virtual world has evolved to the next level. Therefore, we used to see kids are using Android phones all day long connected to cyberspace. So, they are more likely to use and download social messaging apps on their phones. The use of the virtual world in terms of phone browsers, instant messaging apps, and others has made kids vulnerable to cyber predators. Therefore, your child’s safety is at stake all the time while they are online on their digital phones. Parents have to do something to safeguard the children on the web by using the tech-tools that enable users to monitor and track every activity of the children online.


To make sure the safety of the kids in the digital world, you can use the android monitoring app on your kid’s cellphone devices. It will bring all the hidden and inappropriate activities of the teens online. Let’s take a look at it in the following!

What is android monitoring software?

It is an application that is advanced and most powerful on the web. It empowers you to do android phone monitoring to look after kid’s activities online. You can install it on the target android device and get access to the online dashboard where you can get your hands on the features to use them to upload the information on the dashboard. The application has a user –friendly interface and empowers you to execute monitoring on the target device without technical problems. You can use every feature of the application with a great piece of efficiency and accuracy.

Parents can use features, screenshots, and keystrokes, read messages, call recording, IM’s call recording, IM’s social media, and internet history. Moreover, users can block the internet, messages, and incoming calls on the target device. Every feature capable of monitoring all the activities happened on the target device and uploads the information to the dashboard.


Best cell phone tracking app is compatible with the phones running with Android OS up to version 10 and you can monitor every activity of your kids without them knowing.

How to install cellphone monitoring app for Android?

Do you have reservations about your kid’s safety in the digital world? You want to make sure the safety of the children online then you can subscribe for android tracking software by visiting its official webpage. Now you can get the subscription online and you will get the credentials through an email. You can log in to your email and get your hands on the password and ID. Now you need to get your hands on the kid’s android device and start the process of installation. Once you have completed the installation process then you can activate it on the target device. You can use the password and ID to get access to the online web control panel. You can further get your hands on the features and use them to do surveillance on your child’s phone to the fullest.

Android monitoring app Features to make sure kid’s safety on digital world


Users can capture screenshots on the cellphone screen remotely, but you have to use the dashboard and schedule screenshots back and forth and get screenshots via an online dashboard.

Keystrokes logger

Users can remotely get access to the online dashboard and activate the keylogger to record and capture the applied keystrokes. Users can get their hands on the passwords, messages, and messenger and email keystrokes.

Live screen recorder

You can record back to back short videos in a series of android phone screen but you have to activate the screen recorder tool through your dashboard. It will make short videos of the phone screen and send the recording to the web portal. You can watch all the activities performed on the target device and get to know what kids used to do in the digital world.

Internet history

Users can remotely get access to the phone installed browsers and enable them to get visited websites, and bookmarked webpages.

Read messages

You can read sent/received messages on the phone with text messages monitoring app with a time stamp.