Microsoft singed an Agreement with WHO for Covid-19

Microsoft, a multinational technology company, has tied up with the World Health Organization (WHO) amid global turmoil stemming from Covid-19. The information was shared by the company’s CEO Satya Nadella through a tweet. In the multi-level work of research and data analysis in the context of the corona that has caused turmoil around the world, the WHO Can get great help.

Thanking The World Health Organization’s Director-General Tadross for the partnership, Microsoft President Brad Smith has said that quick data analysis, remote location working systems (his gesture is from a workplace tool named Microsoft Teams) and strong in the cloud With cybersecurity, WHO will also take no chances to redouble its efforts to provide cybersecurity on computer devices.

It may be noted that in a recent interview, Satya Nadella has said that he was confident that his company would face the economic turmoil arising out of the Covid-19 and that its diversified business activities would overcome the crisis. Microsoft’s ‘ Teams Tool ‘ is proving useful for IT professionals who do work from home in today’s perspective.

Supercomputer Summit has found 77 useful small molecule drug compounds

As far as quick data analysis is over, recently another veteran multinational computer hardware company, IBM, has recently been able to do so. recently engaged its most powerful supercomputer summit to find possible medicines for the Covid-19 virus. The company, along with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the U.S. Department of Energy and many other institutions, enabled researchers to make millions of calculations for epidemiological, bioinformatics and molecular modeling extremely fast.

In a short span of time, researchers have been able to find 77 of the 8000 compounds that can now be further researched and expedited – with the expectation that these 77 directly experimented with the drug’s search for the treatment of Covid-19 can be done. If there were no supercomputers, it would have taken years in such calculations.

In this context, an interesting situation has also been made that many of the IT sector’s giant multinational companies have been given an opportunity to try spontaneously because of the Covid-19 that the team of companies does not need to come to the office to conduct their complex operations. Teams sitting in many countries of many companies or members of teams sitting thousands of miles in the same country are able to conduct all the activities from their homes, addressing all kinds of technical emergencies.

The companies equipped with large luxurious offices will not be surprised if they think of trying this remote methodology even after recovering from the Covid-19. Work at low cost without efficiency affected-at least office, quite a few works from home.