Microsoft Skype adds ‘Meet Now’ video conferencing feature

A new feature ‘Meet Now’ has been added to the Microsoft Skype video calling app. This feature has been added to android, iOS and PC users of all three platforms. This feature of Microsoft Skype is a pursuit of the Zoom app in the past. This feature will benefit millions of users who are currently doing work from home due to coronavirus lockdown.

This feature will help more than one user to work through video conferencing. At present, millions of people from all over the world are locked up in their homes due to lock-down. Through these video conferencing platforms, they are constantly connected with their office and others. Also, many students are taking online classes through these video conferencing apps.

Microsoft has added this feature to its video platform Skype after reports like several bugs and data theft in the Zoom app that came up in the past. This can become a better option for users who face many bugs and trouble during video conferencing in the Zoom app. Microsoft Skype has been popular for video calling and conferencing among users for the past decade. With the added of this new feature, the app can once again become the first choice for working professionals and students.

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In addition to the Microsoft Skype and Zoom app, Google Hangout can also have video conferencing among more than one person through the Meet feature. Microsoft explained skype’s new feature that it is a hassle-free video conferencing feature that helps users connect to each other faster. Users do not need to download and sign-in to an app separately to access this feature.