Mobile-only Streaming Service QUIBI Launched

After the massive popularity of Netflix, many new ventures are trying their luck in the field of online streaming services. After months of promotion and hype, a new streaming service named Quibi launched on Monday. It is a mobile-exclusive online streaming service that will offer Quick Bites, 10 minutes high-quality videos.

What is Quibi?

This new streaming service launched initially in the USA and Canada in the middle of the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus. Quibi distinguishes itself from other online streaming service providers in terms of the length of available videos. Unlike Netflix, Quibi will offer videos and series in around 10 minutes and less in length. Currently, this is the unique feature of this online streaming platform. Most of such entertainment providers offer series as well as movies in different lengths. The content could be scripted, sports highlights and fictional series. The contents will excel in terms of quality from short length videos available on Youtube and other such streaming platforms.

This company is backed by two famous individuals, the former CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman, and Jeffery Katzenberg. There were $2 billion were raised by investors.

Type of available Content

As per the circulated advertisements, It will have mainly 10 minutes “Quick Bites” videos. At the time of launch, it has 50 shows and scheduled launch of around 175 Original shows. The number of quick bites, short length videos expected videos this year would be 8,500. ‘Murder House Flip’ is the hyped series expected to available on this streaming service from the launch. “Most Dangerous Game” is another start stud series available on Qubi. Liam Hemsworth played a pivotal role in this series. There are many such series of the different genre is promised to made available gradually.

Monthly Subscription

In order to attract more users, Quibi offers a 90-day free trial to first time users. Users can access all the services. Post-trial period, the users have two different subscription options. Users can opt for $4.99 a month, it will include advertisements. The second subscription is available at $7.99 a month without ads.

This $2 Billion venture is launched with a new concept of short videos especially for those people who can not sit in front of the TV for hours and like to watch on-the-go. And to further support this idea, the contents are available only on mobile phones to watch.

The charges are pretty low in comparison to other online streaming services. However, streaming giants such as HBO, Netflix, Disney +, etc can pose a tough competition to this short length video. Despite this, the person behind this mega streaming service believes that premium Hollywood quality content will excel among other service providers.