Painting VS refacing- Which is the best pick for your kitchen?

Sometimes, painting your kitchen cabinets might seem like a more convenient option. However, the truth is far from that. Many people have long been perplexed about painting and cabinet refacing for their kitchen spaces. Since most people fail to understand the difference between each, they find it hard to cope with it. To help you break out of this confusion, we will clarify everything you need to know about painting vs refacing. 

What is cabinet refacing?

 Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing the visible parts of your cabinet. With cabinet refacing, you do not have to worry about entirely changing your cabinets and ordering a new one. Such a thing helps save ample time, energy and also money. You can also opt for DIY cabinet refacing that will require you to invest lesser in your kitchen space. The results will leave everyone to stop and stare at your kitchen. The unique appearance and versatile aura that the kitchen offers once it is full of cabinet refacing makes it one-of-a-kind. 

1. Cabinet refacing is full of benefits

 Choosing to go for cabinet refacing can bring lump sum benefits to you. For starters, the affordability will leave you wanting more. As already discussed above, if you opt for DIY cabinet refacing, it will cost you even lesser. These are also easy to clean which leaves the cook with minimal work in the kitchen area. Such a thing leaves the cook with ample time to focus on other vital tasks than clean a single stubborn stain on the cabinet. Above all, these do not rust. Thus, they always make for a more convenient option. 

2. The output is a concern 

 The primary reason to plan to invest in your cabinet makeover is to give it a refined look. With cabinet refacing, you can get it conveniently. However, painted cabinets might not be able to yield such excellent results. Therefore, they leave your kitchen cabinets looking mediocre. Moreover, once time passes, the paint will start to wear off, making your kitchen cabinets look like a complete bore. 

3. Painting comes with a set of risks 

 Painting is no cakewalk. But that is not all. Painting your cabinet can also lead to several risks. If you fail to draw attention to the details, you might end up making your kitchen cabinets looking uneven and shady. Moreover, it is daunting to maintain these painted cabinets for long as cooking in the kitchen requires full concentration on meals than cleaning cabinets. Lastly, vigorous cleaning can result in the removal of paint. As a result, you will need to get it painted again, costing more money for no reason. 

The takeaway 

 If you have to choose between painting and cabinet refacing, we will recommend you to go with the latter. Since cabinet refacing has more boons than drawbacks, it is a hands-down and safe option for you. So, why keep waiting? Try it now for best results.