Pick out your Healing Stone

According to one of the ancient healing methodologies, Healing Crystals are believed to possess abilities to calm the mind, body, and soul, allowing the flow of positive energy and wiping out bad vibrations. Although there is no scientific evidence behind these assertions, most people are engrossed in choosing the best stone for themselves, either abreast with the beauty of colors or the sake of personal belief. Below is the compilation of some of the popular healing stones that would help you pick out your perfect match:

  • Amethyst – It is the stone of Manifestation. Amethyst is claimed to help keep the mind away from negative thoughts and bring forth modesty and spiritual wisdom.
  • Aventurine – It is the stone of Opportunity. Aventurine is an excellent stone to rely on if you wish your luck to actually work. It can help in creating a sense of wealth and calmness.
  • Citrine – It is the stone of Happiness. Citrine is the stone that attracts good health and wealth and is believed to bring optimism, focus, and motivation to one’s mind.
  • Clear quartz – It is the stone of Focus. Clear quartz is believed to increase the level of concentration and memory. It contains the entire color spectrum and is claimed to enhance other stones’ energy and effect by pairing.
  • Flourite – It is the stone of Positivity. Flourite is a truly magical crystal that helps in calming a chaotic mind. It will surround you with positive vibes, which will make you feel more energetic and lively.
  • Jasper – It is the stone of Courage. Choosing this healing stone empowers spirit and confidence. Jasper is claimed to safeguard you from negative vibrations and create a sense of responsibility and stability.
  • Lapis Lazuli – It is the stone of Truth. Lapis Lazuli attracts prosperity, happiness, and peace while opening up the mind to assist those in the spirit realm with wisdom and decision making.
  • Moonstone – It is the stone of Strength. Moonstone encourages trust, intuition, and inspiration for wisdom and good fortune. It is associated with the feminine and the moon and is a perfect stone to establish harmony.
  • Obsidian – It is the stone of Protection. Obsidian provides stability, clarity, and compassion and acts as a protective shield against physical and emotional negativity.
  • Rose quartz – It is the stone of Love. Rose Quartz is believed to encourage love, trust, and harmony. It’s also claimed to keep comfort and calm during bad times.
  • Selenite – It is the stone of Purification. Selenite amplifies everyone’s energy level around it and is known for its purifying capabilities by keeping negative and low vibrations at bay.
  • Smokey Quartz – It is the stone of Grounding. Smokey quartz is believed to establish emotional balance and help you overcome anger, anxiety, or depression.
  • Tiger’s eye – It is the stone of Inspiration. Tiger’s eye healing stone can help you boost self-motivation and eliminate feelings of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.

After having a look at these and more precious stones and sets, whether you’re drawn by one of its beauties or your subconscious mind is attracted towards it, it’s worth having possession of possibly a life-changing object.