Questions to Ask When Hiring Home Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

After the outbreak of covid-19, keeping homes clean and free of virus and germs have become the primary concern of homeowners. Many are spending huge amount of money on expensive disinfectants and cleaning agents without learning their uses and harms. Actually, the right way to deep clean and disinfect the home is hiring home cleaning and disinfecting services. Professionals are well-learnt experts who know how to clean the residential property perfectly and make it germs free. They have all the required training, experience, equipment, and agents to make every corner of the home look clean and tidy.

But, but, but, you can enjoy the benefits of hiring home cleaning and disinfecting professionals, only if they are reputable, trustworthy, and well-equipped experts. And in order to find the most trusted professionals, you will have to perform thorough research. You will get names of several cleaning companies online, but you had to see if they can provide the services you are looking for or not. Moreover, you will have to see what reputation the home cleaning experts hold among their past clients by reading online reviews. In addition to checking their background, make sure to interview them. By asking them the relevant questions, it will become easy for you to choose the right cleaning and disinfecting company.

Interview Your Home Cleaning and Disinfecting Service Provider 

Question #1. From how many years you are providing home cleaning and disinfecting services?
This question will help you in learning about the experience of the company. More the number of years, more will be the experience and hence, chances of getting better services will be more. Experienced professionals can clean and disinfect the home efficiently in less time because of the expertise gained over the years.

Question #2. Are you insured?
Insurance will protect you from falling under debt if any mishap occurs at your property during the cleaning and disinfecting process. The home cleaners will not hold you responsible for anything. Hence, you will save your money.

Question #3. Are you licensed?
License is the most important certificate that a professional service provider must possess. The state government permits a licensed company to provide the services. If they deny showing the license, then most probably they are not trustworthy.

Question #4. How long will it take to deep clean and disinfect the house?
More experienced professionals will disinfect the home in less time, and thus, they can help you in saving your time. However, the duration will depend on the size of your home to a great extent.

Question #5. What will your services cost?
It will let you learn whether you can afford the services or not. Don’t go for too low prices as you may not get the desired services. Try hiring a professional who provides services at competitive prices.

Question #6. Can you provide references?

By collecting the list of references, contact all the past clients of the home cleaning and disinfecting company and ask them about their experience with the professionals. Ask them if their home was cleaned efficiently or not. Also, ask them if they recommend hiring them or not. But, if the company denies providing the list, then there is something fishy. In such case try looking for some other company.

Questions About Team Members 

Question #7. Do you screen your employees?
A well-reputed company will always screen the employees before hiring them. It will help them in knowing whether he/she is worth hiring or not. So, ask them how they screen their employees.

 Question #8. Can I meet your team members who will visit my home?
By meeting the team members, communicate with them, and see whether they have good communication skills or not. Only hire them if they satisfy you after meeting.