Questions to Ask While Hiring Pressure Washing Company

Have the dirt accumulated outside your home? Want the surface to look like a new one? If yes, then you need to hire pressure washing services. Trustworthy and experienced professionals assure that every penny of your expended money is valued.

However, before hiring the professional power washing services, make sure to interview them. To help, I have jotted all the important questions that you need to ask when choosing pressure washing company.

Question#1. What cleaning process do you use? 

Pressure washing techniques vary depending on the surface, which is why it is crucial to ask this question. They should use the method that does not harm your ground. On delicate surfaces lowest pressure should be used and so that it does not lose its shine.

Question #2. From how many years you are into the business?

This question will help you in learning about the experience of the company. More the number of years, more the experience of the pressure washing experts. Because of being experienced, professionals understand which kind of floor should be treated delicately and hence you receive better services.

Question #3. Do you have insurance? 

When planning to hire professional services, checking insurance is a must. You will not be held responsible for any mishap that occurs at your property during power washing. The insurance company will provide coverage, and you will be prevented from falling under debts. So, never forget to check the insurance.

Question #4. Can you show pictures of your work?

Most of the pressure washing companies maintain before and after pictures of their work. By seeing them, you will have a clear idea about whether the company meet your needs or not. In case the professional denies showing their portfolio, then most probably there is something wrong. Either they are not confident about their services, or they don’t have maintained a portfolio. In such a situation look for some other pressure washing company.

Question #5. Can you share references? 

A reputable professional who is true to his business will never hesitate to provide the references. He who has maintained good relations with the past clients will happily render you with the contact details of his customers. By talking to them, you can assure that you are hiring the best professionals for the surface washing job. Ask them if the experts were punctual, friendly and professional or not.  

Question #6. Do you have a license? 

License signifies that the company you are planning to hire is authentic. The technician has gone through training and has completed all the formalities to provide pressure washing services. Never commit the mistake of hiring unlicensed professional otherwise, you may not get the services as expected.  

Question #7. Can you provide cost estimates? 

By learning about the cost of the services, you will get to know whether you can afford them or not. However, it is recommended not to go for too low prices as the quality may get compromised.