Signs You Need to Replace Your Home Windows

Most homeowners think that once doors and windows are installed, they don’t need to worry about them ever. Doors and windows can indeed last for decades but similar to any other part of your home; windows also need a little care and even replacement. You cannot take your house windows for granted because these aren’t designed to last for eternity. Eventually, a time will come when a simple repair will not help, and window replacement becomes the only viable option.  Now you may ask how to know that the time has come to get new windows for your home.

Home improvement projects like a kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel are more popular among homeowners. Since these projects take a lot of money and time, it’s easy to put off a windows replacement project until completely necessary. Windows are a vital part of the home that not increase the amount of natural light in your home but also improve your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. Any homeowner would want to make the most of their windows’ life span but waiting for too long may compromise your home’s quality of life. But how do you know when to replace windows? Here are the top signs that indicate you need new windows.

Worn Out Windows

If your window frames have decayed, then it’s time for window replacement. When frames become soft, chipped, or water damaged, they are possibly beyond repair. Rotting or warping on your windows is a clear indication of severe damage. When windows get old, their sealing becomes ineffective and you may experience condensation build-up between glass layers. When the condition gets even worse, the windows may start to leak and you end up with pools of water inside your home. Water leaks, condensation, cracks, chips, and scratches are a clear sign that you need new windows.

High Energy Bills

The older homes usually have single pane windows that are responsible for high heating and cooling costs. Windows play a major role in improving your home’s insulation. Single pane or worn-out windows allows heating or cooling to escape and that leads to high energy bills. The air leakage puts more pressure on the heating and cooling system. So, to avoid this issue, install energy-efficient windows that help prevent air leaks and thermal heat transfer. The double glazing windows with argon gas and low-emissivity glass are best to keep your energy bills low.

Difficulty in Opening & Closing Windows

When windows get damaged, it comes difficult to open or shut them. This is a common problem with windows that were not installed correctly. Also, as windows age, they develop issues like rusting or rotting that makes opening, closing, or locking windows a challenge. This will not only allow air leakage but can impact the safety of your home.

You Feel Uncomfortable

If you feel too hot or cold inside your home then that means your windows are letting the chilly wind to enter your house. When the seal gets damaged, you start feeling the breeze when standing by your window. Besides feeling a draft, you can also hear a lot of outside noise if windows are damaged or inefficient.