The World’s Fastest Supercomputer found substances that may Stop Coronavirus Spread

The world’s fastest Supercomputer found substances that may Stop Coronavirus Spread

While scientists and doctors around the globe are working day and night to find a cure to this deadly virus outbreak, the world’s fastest computer also tasked to analyze the possible combinations of drug compounds and chemicals that could help stop the spread of this disease. In order to avoid growing cases and the impending death of those who are already infected, it is important to prevent the further spread of this virus. Finding a solution to stop its spread could be a breakthrough in halting this pandemic to grow further. 

According to CNN reports, the world’s fastest computer named ‘Summit,’ built by IBM was recently tasked with running simulations to find a possible treatment for Coronavirus and prevent the virus from entering into a new host cell. The Supercomputer found 77 of such combinations of drugs that could be a huge help in the development of an effective treatment for the Coronavirus infection. 

The researches at Oak Laboratory tasked Summit to identify small-molecules that may isolate the viral S-protein in its receptor cells and stop getting the infection. Typically, the viruses infect the cells of the host by infusing the spike of genetic material it carries along. The Supercomputer found the combinations of the drugs that can stop binding that spike in the host person cell, and hence it may stop the spread of this virus. Furthermore, Summit simulated how the molecules of the viral protein react with different chemical compounds. After running thousands of such simulations with numerous drug compounds, the researches sorted 77 combinations of chemicals that could bind the spike of viral protein and decrease its ability to infect the host cell. 

In a statement, Jeremy Smith, director of the University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Center for Molecular Biophysics, said, “Our results don’t mean that we have found a cure or treatment for the coronavirus, but the findings could inform the future studies.” 

The Supercomputer stationed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has already helped scientists in finding the major problems of the world, such as a potential cause for Alzheimer’s disease. The finding of the model of Coronavirus and potential chemicals that mitigate its effect in the host cell could be a crucial step in preventing the spread of this pandemic. The scientists are working to rerun the simulation to understand the accurate pattern and characteristics and subsequently identify the most effective chemical compound to help spread this virus.