TikTok to donate 100 crore worth of medical equipment to govt

Amid the corona epidemic, Chinese video-sharing and social networking app TikTok will donate medical equipment worth Rs 100 crore for doctors and medical staff in India. According to the TikTok news room, it will include 400,000 helmet suits and 200,000 masks.

The Social Network Service says it is working with the Ministry of Textiles to provide these equipment to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The post also says that the company and the government are ready to help the government in the coming time.

TikTok said in a statement about the importance of doctors and medical staff at the time of the corona epidemic. The company has said that they are most at risk from the virus and are more likely to expose them. We are donating 400,000 helmet medical protective suits to the Government of India for their safety.

TikTok has also donated 200,000 masks for local and state-level medical workers to the Delhi and Maharashtra governments. “As a responsible organization committed to the safety of citizens in India, we will also come forward to support through additional donations in the coming time,” the company said.

India currently has a 21-day lockdown by the Government of India. People are in homes for their safety. Doctors are treating infected in hospitals.

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