Top 7 Home Improvement Project Ideas for New Year

Remember when you first moved into your house, you had a list of things to add and bring in to your nook. Perhaps, those plans got lost amidst the rush of life and taking care of kids. And now that it has been a few years of your settlement there, you might want to start working on your curb appeal again and get a fresh start with a new year.

From small projects like repainting or replacing the wallpaper to large scale decisions such as a home addition, there are plenty of directions in front of you to choose from. Make your lifestyle needs and budget limits your biggest guiding factors, and then devise a successful makeover for your property.

Here are some projects to add value –

  1. New Entry Door

Front doors create the first impression of your house, so you must start from there. If your door is in great condition just repaint it. You will be amazed at how it changes the entire look and feel of your space, provided you pick the right color.

  • Shelving and Storage

Staying organized won’t be an issue if you have enough storage space. Wooden shelving around the house and trendy storage baskets are a great way to add personality to your space and utility for your items that are otherwise lying around.

  • Wall Touchups

If you wish to give an instant lift to your tired room, go for a statement wall. Opt for rich paint colors or bold wallpapers. If in case you are not willing to undertake that much hassle, at least patch up the holes and repaint just those spots.

  • Outdoor Living Space

Landscape and outdoor area makeover is one thing that gives your property an extra oomph and sets it apart from the rest of the neighborhood. So, depending on the space you have in your backyard, add a deck or patio, pergola, porch enclosure, and new furniture.

  • Old Window Replacement

Worn-out windows can impact the energy-efficiency and flow of natural light in your home to a great extent and also look odd. Thus, add large windows in different house areas and replace the ones already installed with more durable and energy-efficient ones.

  • Energy-Efficient Light Fixtures

Replacing your old light fixtures can bring in newness and energy-efficiency at the same time. With the right kind of lighting, you can create a whole new ambience and also add commendable value to your property. However, you do need an experienced electrician to do this job well.

  • Home Office

Work from home has become the new favorite of working individuals. So, what is better than having a dedicated area in your house for it –in a guest bedroom or finished basement area? It will not only let you keep your office stuff in one place but also give you a quiet nook to concentrate on the work.