Twitter takes the big decision, suspended thousands of accounts, find out why

Social media platforms are considered to be the easiest and best way to express ideas. But sometimes it may also face problems due to wrong use. This happened recently with US President Donald Trump. Twitter closed Donald Trump’s official Twitter account after last week’s violence in Washington. At the same time, the company has simultaneously suspended about 70,000 accounts.

Reason to delete 70,000 accounts

According to the agency’s report, Twitter has suspended 70,000 accounts simultaneously and these accounts were suspended due to sharing of QAnon content. Last week, President Donald Trump’s supporters in Washington brought storms to the US Capitol. After the violence caused by this, some users were sharing QAnon content on Twitter after which Twitter has suspended the account of all those users.

Twitter, through its blog, has reported that “in view of the rise in violent incidents and damage in Washington DC, we have permanently started suspending thousands of accounts.” Which were mainly dedicated to sharing these QAnon content. At the same time, the company also said that ‘ these accounts were engaged in sharing content with harmful QAnon on a large scale. ‘

Twitter, after closing Donald Trump’s Twitter account, clarified that the account has been closed in view of the risk of permanently inciting violence. If Twitter rules are violated, further action will be taken. Not only that, Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have been closed after Twitter. Trump will not be able to use his Facebook and Instagram accounts until the newly elected President Biden is sworn in.