Watch Only in SD Quality videos on YouTube after Netflix

After the European Union’s request, YouTube has also decided to show videos in standard definition (SD) quality instead of high definition (HD) and Full HD on the way to Netflix, though it has taken this decision only for Europe at the moment. On YouTube’s decision, a company spokesperson told Techcrunch that even though users have decided to watch videos in SD, they will get good quality.

Let’s say that half the world is imprisoned in homes due to coronavirus. Millions of people are working from home. Those who are home are spending their time watching videos online and playing games. In the meantime, the European Union had recently asked platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video streaming to stop showing videos in high definition (HD) quality, otherwise there may be a problem of Internet outage with the increase of users.

In a tweet, European Commissioner Thierry Breton said that all UK companies should do video streaming in standard definition (SD) quality for a few days. Thierry has made this tweet on the basis of a conversation with CEO Reed Hastings for Netflix.

He used #SwitchtoStandard and said that it should be discontinued when HD is not necessary. After this conversation, Netflix has turned off HD videos. However, Amazon Prime Video has not yet come out with any statement.