What is the LiDAR sensor of the iPhone 12, know how it works

Apple is known for making great premium smartphones worldwide. The Apple iPhone 12 is the best-selling smartphone in the world. But soon the Apple brand’s self-driving car will be running on the road. The company claims that the Apple self-electric car will be launched by the year 2024. The company has named Titan the project of making Apple’s self-driving car. Let’s say Apple’s self-driving car will be special in many cases. Let’s know about this car in detail-

Many LiDAR sensors will be used in the car

The Apple branded car will use the iPhone 12 liDAR sensor, which will give the self-driving car a 3-dimensional view of the road. A number of LiDAR sensors will be used in this car, which will work to measure different distances. Meaning how far an object is. Its measurements will have many sensors of liDAR. This will enable the Apple car to brake at the right time. Also in which lane to drive. Information on behalf of LiDAR sensors will also be provided in this regard. Let’s say that LiDAR sensors have been used by Apple in both smartphone iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models of its latest smartphone series iPhone 12.

This battery technology will be used in the car

Reuters had already claimed that apple company liDAR sensor supplier is in talks with the company. But another report claims to have its own sensors on the part of Apple. If you talk about apple car batteries, mono cell design can be used on behalf of Apple. The car is reported to have used lithium iron phosphate batteries, which will give the car long battery life. It will heat less than the lithium-ion battery.

What is LiDAR sensors

Leader (LiDAR) means light imaging detection and ranging. This technique scans the object on a surface and tells us the object’s shape, position, and distance major. Let’s say that lidar sensors will also be used in the coming iPhone 13 series smartphone. The leaked report claims that Apple will also be equipped with iPhone 13 LiDAR sensors. This sensor can also be seen in iPhone 2020 models.

Will Tesla get a bump

Tesla is the leading company of the company self-driving car, which has been working towards making electric taxes for decades. Tesla has emerged as a profit-making company in electric car manufacturing. It is too early to introduce Apple’s new self-driving car into tesla collision.