What Should You Keep In Mind When Replacing Your Kitchen Doors?

Renovating a kitchen is not an easy task by any means. It is an extremely daunting decision, both in terms of money and efforts. It may not always be possible to renovate the entire kitchen at once, for all practical purposes. This is why a lot of people simply begin by replacing the door of the kitchen, since this gives a new vibe to the place and sets the stage for any further renovations.

Replacing a door may seem like an easy enough job, however, there are certain pointers that should be kept in mind before making this decision, in order to get the best out of it.

  1. Measuring the size of the door.

This is quite an easy task that you can do at home yourself with a measuring tape. You simply need to measure the length and breadth of the unit edge to edge, and then subtract a few millimetres from them. This can also be done professionally by your contractor. Most contractors will anyway measure the unit by themselves before beginning their work.

  • Selecting a door style.

The next step is to choose the right style for your kitchen door. For this, you would first need to select a particular style for your kitchen overall. It would look extremely out of place if your kitchen has a modern setting and you select a door style that is closer to the traditional setup. You can always mix and match styles to create a design that is uniquely you, and for this, browsing ideas on the internet is a good choice, so you can tell your contractor what kind of work you want done.

Modern styled kitchens are usually sleek and matte, and incorporate a range of materials such as wood, glass, ceramic. They mostly are white or grey in colour with very little variation.

Traditional styled kitchens are almost completely made with using wood to give off a homely vibe.

A blend of both modern and traditional designs can also be a good choice.

Either way, it is important to fix an overall style for the kitchen before selecting one for your kitchen door.

  • Position of hinges.

This is what most people overlook while getting new doors since it is a tiny part of the process, but an important one nevertheless. Soft-close hinges are popular now due to their practicality and appealing aspect. They ensure that your door will not bear the impact if it is slammed shut, and will eliminate any creaky noises as well as provide a touch of luxury.

Hinge holes must be drilled properly or the above advantages will be of no consequence. It is advised to get your contractor to do this part of the job, since a DIY project may not always get the correct measurements. Usually, three holes are drilled at the top, bottom and middle to hold the door together.

These are the main considerations to keep in mind when replacing your kitchen doors. As seen here, it is important to have an idea about what your renovated kitchen will look like before you start changing the existing setup.