October Kingsley: All you Need to Know About this Mysterious Filmmaker

October Kingsley, a name very few people may have heard. Yet, she has left a great impression through her debut movie “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi on the viewers and entire Hollywood. Despite being a director, producer, screenplay writer, and actress, there is relatively less information available on the social sphere. In the current time of social media, most celebrities share their lives with fans through many social network platforms, and some personalities still want to keep their lives away from the limelight. It is safe to say that October Kingsley is one of them. Despite gaining immense fame from her directorial debut of Dr. Fugazzi, she does not have any verified profile over any popular social platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Furthermore, Ms. Kingsley has not given any public interview about her debut movie Dr. Fugazzi or upcoming shows. We can’t deny the fact that she might want to avoid the hassles of fans and media asking numerous questions about her life, background, and work. Even though October Kingsley’s information is not readily available on the internet, we have dug out a few prominent things about her.

October Kingsley’s Background

There is not much information about her background, family, Places, and social life through genuine sources. As per IMDb, she has been rated as a top emerging film producer and actress. Ms. Kingsley is 5’4″ tall and hails from the Greater Los Angeles Area. She has attended the University of California, Los Angeles(ULCA), and graduated from this university with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. October Kingsley has also attended the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. The IMDb further confirms that she is currently working on many upcoming television show projects and feature films. The name of the projects she is working on is not confirmed.

Also, she does not share any relation with the Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley. Nevertheless, both share an identical surname.

October Kingsley
October Kingsley in a still from film Dr. Fuggazi. Image Credit: youtube.com

October Kingsley’s a Director, Writer, and Actress

October Kingsley made a debut in mainstream Hollywood through an independent feature film, “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi.” Not to surprise, she is the director, producer, and screenwriter of this film. Moreover, she played the protagonist’s role in this cult-favorite movie, and her attempt to hold critical filmmaking positions portrays her versatile personality. This movie was critically acclaimed and garnered mixed reviews from the viewers.

October Kingsley and Dr. Fuggazi

October Kingsley
Image Credit: IMDb

As Ms. Kingsley has directed, written screenplay, and played the protagonist’s role in the film “The Seduction of Dr. Fuggazi,” it says a lot about Kingsley’s personality, ideology, understanding about delicate concepts pertaining to psychology. Dr. Fuggazi is a twisted ad psycho-sexual thriller demonstrating the descent of a rational woman into mayhem and madness. She has played the role of Dr. Anna Fugazzi, an attractive and young psychologist with a happy life and a caring and slightly freakish boyfriend. Although Dr. Fuggazi is leading a normal life, a dark and disturbing world is hidden secretly underneath her subconscious. This movie neatly depicts the subtle relation between reality, illusion, dream, and hallucination, and how it can impact a person who attempts to dig down to beyond her conscious self.

Having said that, it is a thriller; the movie deals with the inner and unexplored corner of the human psyche. It attempts to understand the world that is usually hidden behind the veils of conscious understanding. Considering the fact that October Kingsley has written the screenplay, the movie unravels the aspects of her personality and her profound understanding of the human psyche and philosophical concepts.

Kingsley’s Instagram Account

Kingsley is not active on any social platform with an official account. However, there is an unverified Instagram account with her name that resonates with her original identity. The Insta account info covers significant details about her and included a note about October Kingsley’s copyright on all shared materials. Although we were unable to verify this profile’s authenticity, the pictures and poetry (majority) relate to October Kingsley’s persona.

October Kingsley
Image Credit: Instagram

A Strangely Beautiful Personality

We can’t say anything with certainty about the personality of October Kingsley. Yet, we can conclude some facts about her taking her movie, quotes, and other known facts into account. October Kingsley’s educational background, work and role in the film Dr. Fuggazi explicitly depict her as a strong, bold, and strangely beautiful person.

Quotes by October Kingsley,

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.


“All great battles are capable of being won with a single, solitary smile.”