Xiaomi introduces 80 Watt wireless charger, 4000mAh battery full charge in 19 minutes

Xiaomi has now introduced wireless fast charging technology after giving fast technology in wire charging. Xiaomi has introduced a fast wireless charger of 80W which can charge a battery of 4000 mah in just 19 minutes. The company has shared this charging technology on the Chinese social site Weibo.

They have said that wireless charging technology will prove to be revolutionary in the new era and eliminate wire charging. Xiaomi has shared a video on its YouTube channel in which the modified Mi 10 Pro can be seen charging with a wireless charger of 80 watts.

At present, there is no smartphone in the market which is getting fast wireless charging of 80 watts. In a video shared by Omi, the phone’s battery is charged up to 10-50 percent in just eight minutes, while the full charge takes 19 minutes.

Let’s say that in March this year, They have introduced a wireless charger of 40W. Thereafter, in May 2020, the company launched the Mi 30W wireless charger, and then in August the Mi 10 Ultra was introduced with wireless charging support of 50W. This phone has a wire fast charging support of 120W.